Member etiquette

We want all our members to enjoy their time at The Leisure Club and make the most of their time with us as it is intended to be.

To allow members to make the most of The Leisure Club, we kindly request you respect other users and follow the below guidelines:

  • Please wipe down all gym equipment after use, using the sprays provided
  • Hand sanitizer is available and located in the gym, by the entrance and gym office
  • Please do not use chalk when using the free weights in the gym and place back on the weight racks after use
  • Appropriate sports/gym wear to be worn at all times and please refrain from wearing outdoor shoes in The Leisure Club areas, including the gym and The Body & Mind Studio
  • Please be considerate with time spent on popular cardio equipment during busy periods in the gym
  • Please remember that all our instructors are always on hand for advice and support - just ask for assistance if required
  • When attending one of our many classes, please ensure you arrive ready to start your class on time, as your place may be taken by someone on the reserve list