Whittlebury Promise

Whilst me might have to hold off shaking hands for a little bit longer, we don't have to hold off making you a promise about when you next book with us. Our team are on hand to ensure you feel safe, secure and confident when you next choose to return to us.

  • Our award-winning venue is COVID secure (read more about our safe stay policy here)
  • Your event is fully covered should you need to postpone due to COVID restrictions (or any other 'Force Majeure') and confirmed with you at contract stage
  • You and your delegates will receive pre-arrival information so you know what to expect for your face to face events and ensure there are no surprises
  • We promise to listen to you and understand what is important about your face to face event
  • We understand you may feel cautious and have concerns about resuming face to face but we are here to ensure you can deliver your event with confidence by answering any questions you have, addressing concerns and providing safe, secure solutions
  • Our packages offer complete flexibility
  • We will respond to your enquiry within 1 business day
  • Best rate offered at time of enquiry