Suggested Bathing Plan

Suggested Bathing Plan

Step 1

We recommend beginning your journey in the Caldarium. This thermal room sits at a lower temperature in comparison to our Sauna’s and Steam Rooms therefore will begin to gently warm you up, preparing your body for the ‘Heat’ Experiences ahead. *Recommended time – 5-10 minutes

Step 2

After relaxing in the Caldarium we recommend making your way to either the Sauna or Sanarium, depending on your heat preference. Both of these thermal rooms consist of a dry heat and are known to improve overall health, wellness and performance. They relax the muscles and soothe aches and pains in both muscles and joints. *Recommended time – up to 10 minutes

Step 3

Make your way in to one or both of our Steam rooms. *Recommended time – up to 10 minutes in each room

  • The Salt Steam room allows salt to disperse over the entire body, settling on the surface of the skin. This is extremely beneficial for those who suffer with dry skin due to its purifying effects. The salt helps to rid the skin of toxic compounds as the skin replenishes the minerals dissolved in the salt steam, therefore giving your skin that instant radiant and healthy glow!
  • The Crystal Steam room is known for its improved healing properties. The crystal in the centre of the steam room aids relaxation and generally helps to heal the body and mind. A nurturing scent with notes of vanilla fill the room, promoting complete relaxation and contentment.

Throughout the Steps

After a treatment in each of the thermal rooms, its important that you cool your body down using the experience showers and Ice Cave, relaxing in between on our warm benches, foot baths, tepidarium or even back in to the Caldarium. Drink plenty of water throughout the experience to aid rehydration and prevent you from overheating.

Step 4

Finish off in our warming Hydro-therapy pool. The warm water helps your core body temperature to rise, creating better blood flow around the circulatory system. Other key benefits include muscle relaxation, reducing tension and relieving any pains, boosting the immune system and detoxifying and cleansing the body.


Please take note of signage placed on entry to each of the thermal elements which highlights any medical contra-indications. Please see a member of the Spa Team if you have any questions or concerns regarding these.


We recommend spending no more than 1 hour in the thermal facilities at any one time. Before getting dressed and leaving the spa, it is important to spend some time cooling your body down properly, putting clothes on straight away could make you feel a little unwell.


We hope you enjoy your Heat & Ice Experience!