Shane Allibon - Personal Trainer

"Love the competitive nature of sport, but I believe exercise should be about setting personal goals and achieving them, without having to worry about proving your ability to anybody else."

I believe that whatever your goals, and in turn, whatever your obstacles might be, the methods to finding success, more often than not, are universal. We all want to look, feel and move better, and in order to achieve this, there are fundamentals that apply to everyone.

I have worked with many clients in the past who I have helped gain progress by teaching them to understand how the body should move and how the body should feel when they engage with exercise.

Sometimes an initial goal should be simply not to be in pain during day to day activities, which can be achieved through waking up muscles that are often neglected either from inactivity or from following uneducated exercise routines. If you prioritise pain management and performance when exercising, the aesthetical goals will soon follow.

Come and see me if you would like some help trying to make a change.



  • CYQ level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Qualified Indoor Cycle Instructor
  • Qualified Fitness Pilates Instructor
  • Aqua Aerobics Instructor
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