5 Easy steps on setting up your Technogym key

Do you want the tools to help you record, track and achieve your fitness results?
Look no further than the Technogym band. In five easy steps you'll have all the equipment and tools ready to help you reach your goals.
1) Book a FREE demo with The Leisure Club and get a Technogym band for £15!**

Book a demo at The Leisure Club on how to use the Technogym key and your Mywellness account and take advantage of getting a Technogym band for just £15. Our experienced team will demonstrate on how to use the Technogym key on various equipment, both cardio and strength, and interactive displays that will show your Mywellness account and have useful features such as exercise guides and result graphs.


2) Activate the Technogym key by creating a Mywellness account

At The Leisure Club, our experienced staff will help you create a Mywellness account so you can use your technogym key while you are here. We will show you how to log in both on a desktop and through the Mywellness app, and how to use both methods for your own needs. For more information about Mywellness click here or for more information about the Mywellness app click here.


3) Use the key at The Leisure Club to build up your MOVEs

The Leisure Club has a vast range of equipment to help you record your exercise and MOVEs, whether it be cardio or strength. To use your Technogym key on a piece of equipment in our gym, simply insert the key in to the key port highlighted on the piece of equipment. The equipment will register it is your Technogym key and will send the results of your workout to your Mywellness account. If you struggle to find the key port, please ask a member of staff who will show you where it is on the piece of equipment.