Mywellness app

The Mywellness app is a must need when it comes to tracking your moves and activities progress. The app provides class timetables at your registered facilities that may interest you or remind you of any upcoming classes that you have booked, an outdoor activity tracker helping you track your activities with an in-app GPS, My Movement which tracks your training and MOVERGY which displays your results and activities level. It is free to download for both Android and iPhone and requires a mywellness account to use which you can get by booking a demo with us.


My Movement

My Movement helps track and record any training programmes, exercises or even daily activities you have done. To record these movements, use the app while at your facility and scan the QR code on any Technogym equipment, whether it is a resistance or cardio machine or insert your Technogym key in to the equipment's keyhole. This will record the exercise and movements you do and will be sent straight to your movement logbook. Alternatively, you can manually input your exercises easily by choosing from a wide selection of exercises all sorted in to Cardio, Strength, or Stretching categories. The workout will display the training effectiveness of the workout, calories burned and the total amount of movements done, which will be sent to your MOVERGY.

A useful feature on My Movement is seeing the vast range of exercises that are available, whether it is strength, stretching or core, which also include video tutorials of how to perform various exercises. 



MOVERGY is your own personalised results tracker. This section displays your daily MOVEs, the active level of your lifestyle, daily/weekly/monthly/total results (which can be categorised by MOVEs, calories burned, running distance and cycling distance), body measurements and personal records achieved through training. You can also manually input results achieved through sports, such as swimming or jogging, or through classes such as Zumba or group cycling.


Class Timetable

Find classes at your facility that interest you, and receive reminders for the class of your choice. The class timetable shows all the upcoming classes two weeks in advance where you can see what time the class starts, the duration of the class, where the class is and information on the class. A filter option is also available where you can see a specific type of class or a certain location where the class is being held such as the gym, studio or pool.  


Connect your apps and devices

The Mywellness app can also connect to applications that will benefit your workout and active lifestyle. Results for these workouts will be automatically transferred over to the Mywellness app which will be displayed in the MOVERGY results page. Such third parties include Fitbit, Garmin, MyFitnessPal and mapmyfitness.


To find out more about our mywellness app and how it can help you, why not book a demo with a member of our team and get a mywellness band for only £15*. Click here to book



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