Whittlebury golf courses offers 36 holes, benefitting from 4 loops of 9 holes, each with their own unique character and STRI & USGA accredited greens, playable in any combination, means you do not have to play the same round of golf twice.

The 36 holes with STRI & USGA accredited greens encompass’ a golf course built on the Whittlebury estate in 1905 and resurrected to modern standards some 85 years later, it also offers the opportunity to play around the remaining copses of the ancient Whittlewood Forest.

 ** Due to COVID-19 restrictions there is a reduced number of golf holes currently in play on any day. This means that you will be sent out on the ‘course of the day’ which changes regularly but not always each day. **


For most of the 20th Century, the estate was a working farm before being transformed in 1991 to become the 36 hole Championship Golf Course available today. With a little detective work, details of the course were uncovered at the library in St.Andrews.

The course was reconstructed and is named the 1905 Course in memory of its original heyday. Play was by invitation only; a carriage was sent to Towcester railway station to collect guests, a local caddy was provided and a golden guinea was expected as a contribution towards the upkeep of the course.

The 1905 Course stands within the oak parkland close to a further 3 courses: the Royal Whittlewood, the Grand Prix and the Wedgewood.


The Courses

1905 Course (YELLOW)

A golf course built on the Whittlebury estate in 1905, golfers enjoy playing between the magnificent lakes and Oaks in the parkland. Good course management is key when playing this course, as the main difficulty lies in negotiating the extremely undulating greens.

To view the flyover videos for the 1905 click here


Royal Whittlewood Course (RED)

This course plays around the remaining copses of the ancient Royal Whittlewood Forest, home to an abundance of flora and fauna made the forest a favourite hunting ground of medieval Kings. Now a golf course with a delightful mixture of doglegs and holes that require shots over stunningly beautiful lakes.

To view the flyover videos for the 1905 click here


Grand Prix Course (BLUE)

The longest of the four courses has a gently undulating layout adjacent to the World famous Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit. It provides interesting lake features and wildlife sanctuaries as well as two of the finest pars 3’s you could ever wish to play.

To view the flyover videos for the 1905 click here


Wedgewood Course (WHITE)

This course has a selection of wonderful short testing par 3’s and interesting par 4’s. Constructed and maintained to the same high standard as the other three courses. This course is challenging for the seasoned golfer to hone their short game, as well as being ideal for the novice golfer. It is also the perfect course for squeezing in those extra 9 holes in the spring and autumn.