Farm Campsite

Situated on our estate land the farm campsite is setup around our large lake which offer a picturesque view and one of the most stunning sunsets you will see. 
All of farm campsite areas have good access to the live stage area and beer tent.  There are a mixture of permanent and good quality temporary toilet & shower facilities situated around the site. 

The Farm Campsite gives good access to Silverstone via Copse Corner (Gate 5/6) which is only a 10 – 15 minute walk.  Alternatively you can easily make your way down to the Beckett’s entrance via the Golf Course Campsite.

For the British Grand Prix we charge a 8m x 7m plot from 2pm Tuesday through to Monday for one vehicle. We only allow one additional car or 2m space per plot. 

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Non Electric Areas £210

Farm Electric (Paddocks, Lodge, Lakeside, Grandstand) £310

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