The Recruitment Experience


How do I apply for a job?
Please send us your CV to Don't have a CV? Simply complete our online application form. Should you have any more questions please call our team on 01327 857857
Can I send my CV to a friend within Whittlebury Park to help me get a job?
Yes, absolutely. Feel free to hand your application form or CV to one of our colleagues
How long will it take to hear back from you?
As soon as you email us your CV or application form you will receive an email confirmation. Sometimes, this can go to your junk mail so you may want to check that folder
How long does the whole process take from application to hiring?
We are experiencing high volumes of applications at the moment and we are committed to checking all applications so you will have heard from us within 4 weeks
Once I am successful and have been given an offer, how long will it take until I can start working at Whittlebury Park?
When you are successful you will receive a contract of employment and the on-boarding process will start. All new starters will be provided with an induction pack containing all the relevant information which you will need prior to your start date
I have been invited to attend an interview, where should I go?
Please report to the main reception desk at the hotel unless you are informed otherwise
If I am successful, what will I expect during my first couple of days of employment?
Report to the main reception desk in the hotel and inform them you are here for your induction day. You will meet a member of the HR team at 10am for your initial induction. You will then be taken to your department to meet your manager and new colleagues.
What would I need to wear at my induction?
We expect you to wear smart casual clothes and comfortable shoes. You will be 'on show' to our guests during the tour of the resort. We pride ourselve on our employees being well groomed!
What do I need to bring to the induction?
Passport and visa*, copies of your certificates*and a P45 form*

* if applicable