Canteen Assistant Weekend Work

Main Objective & Job Role

To keep a well and organised, tidy, friendly, welcoming staff restaurant.

Main Area of Responsibility

  • Responsible for the day to day organisation of the staff restaurant.
  • To vacuum the carpet, mop the floor & clean service counters, tables, and chairs as required on a twice daily basis.
  • Ensure all food, hot & cold are fully stocked prior to lunch service at 12 noon & 5.30pm
  • Clean & re fill the coffee machine as required on a daily basis, reporting any machine failure immediately to the head chef.
  • Liaise with the Head Chef on feedback from staff on the staff restaurant food offering.
  • All food served in the staff restaurant is to be temperature checked & recorded on the Staff restaurant temperature records on as daily basis as per the company hygiene policy.
  • Any variance outside of the company tolerance for food service temperatures as to be reported to the Head Chef Immediately, any action is to be recorded on the staff restaurant temperature sheet.
  • All chairs & tables are to be checked to ensure they are in good & safe condition on a weekly basis, recorded on the staff restaurant temperature record. Any damaged or unsafe items should be removed from use immediately & given to maintenance for repair or disposal.
  • Report any equipment failures to the Head Chef.
  • Report any inappropriate behaviour to the Head Chef.
  • Implement the Health and Safety policy & ensure the restaurant walk ways are clear of obstructions.
  • To be aware of unsafe practices, such as dangerous stacking, so that these practices can be superseded by safe procedures.
  • Remove used cutlery & crockery & waste bins regularly during the day.
  • Assist with food & non food deliveries as requested ensuring the correct procedure are adhered to.



  • To be flexible in the duties required of you, by assisting in another department if requested to by Department Head

This Job Description cannot be exhaustive due to the requirements of the hotel industry. Therefore, the job holder may be required from time to time to carry out reasonable tasks requested by management.

Salary: £9.62 per hour

Weekend/Zero Hours contract



This role is known internally as an S3 role, and some of the benefits associated with this role are:

  • Free Golf & Leisure membership 
  • Cashback on essential health care 
  • Employee awards               
  • Enhanced Pension Contributions - 4x salary death in service policy                     -
  •  Staff canteen with free staff meals

Discounts on: food & beverage, hair studio appointments, Spa products, hotel stays, Virgin Experience days, new cars

COVID-19 considerations: We have received industry awards for being COVID secure.

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