Kate Mullen

Wedding and Special Events Planner

Kate Mullen 

Wedding and Special Events Planner

Kate has been part of Whittlebury Park for many years and has spanned across several roles and departments in her time here which has given her a wealth of knowledge, Kate gave us an insight into her time here at Whittlebury Park...

When did you join the team at Whittlebury Park?

I started working as a waitress here 11 years ago. Then when I was on holiday from university I came to answer the phones and then after I finished university I became the receptionist of the Atrium Golf Club House.  Whilst doing that job I then started to help one of the wedding coordinators with the dry hire weddings we do here at Whittlebury and after a while once I got some experience I was put in charge of these weddings. In August 2017 I was made a wedding sales coordinators so I am now responsible for dry hire and traditional weddings. In May 2019 I was promoted to a Wedding and Special events planner.

Tell us what a typical day involves for you?

  • Emailing and answering questions from Bride and Grooms
  • Replying to enquiries and showing potential bride and grooms around
  • Bedroom inputting


Has there been a particular client/couple that you will always remember?

I will never ever forget my first Asian wedding couple. It was my first ever event that I had organised all on my own with no help from my manager and I also supervised it. It was a wonderful colourful day and the bride and groom had the best time and now all of the brides sisters have now got married here also.

What has been your proudest moment at Whittlebury?

Winning Britain’s Asian Wedding award in 2019 was one of my biggest highlights of working at Whittlebury. I have been doing the Asian weddings for 7 years and to be nominated for the Wedding Venue of the year award was just amazing in itself but then to win it was fantastic.

Can you tell us about a time where you have gone above and beyond for a client?

I will always remember one of my weddings calling me when I was my way in to ask me to stop off at McDonald’s to grab her an egg mcmuffin as she was craving one.  


What does the future hold for your particular department?

We are now also Special events planners so we now also look after Baby naming ceremonies, wakes and special occasions. So I am looking forward to helping plan all different types of occasions here at Whittlebury

Are there any trends you are aware of in your part of the industry?

I have noticed a big new trend in the Asian wedding market. When I first starting selling Asian weddings it was the parents of the bride and groom that arranged everything (so they did all the viewing, payments, organisation). And now the roles have reversed and the Bride and Grooms are getting more involved and planning everything themselves. I have also noticed that blessings are being a lot more popular and a lot of bride and grooms have enquired about outdoor wedding ceremonies too.


Can you tell us what makes working at Whittlebury unique?

For weddings Whittlebury has so many unique selling points,  the beautiful rolling parkland and our flexibility are 2 of the biggest USP’s for our wedding clients. The view across the golf course from our office is amazing and the complex sells itself.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

I am looking forward to launching our new wedding brochure in line with our new brand guidelines and also helping plan other special events.

If you could job swap with anyone else at Whittlebury, who would it be?

I don’t think I would swap jobs with anyone at Whittlebury. I love being a wedding coordinator and no one else’s job has ever interested me.


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