Jungle Experience

10% off when booked before the end of 2018 for any date in 2019 - Prices from £1975 (inc 10% offer) for 20 people

I’m an employee: get me outta here!  

Our Jungle Experience takes team building over to the wild side. Join us at base camp for team challenges that will make you laugh, squirm and scream. You’ve seen the show, now step into the shoes of the celebs. 

We’re talking bug platters, spider webs, sticky walls, and boxes filled with all sorts of scary surprises! Race against time to complete challenges and earn stars. The winning team will be the one with the most stars at the end of the event. 

Please select three of the challenge packages below that teams will face on the day. 
Which team has what it takes to be crowned kings and queens of the jungle? 

Trunk Stumped 
Using the tools providedteam mates must work together in raising  as many giant seeds up through the centre of the trunk and out into a foraging bucket. 

Bug Platter 
Munch as many jelly bugs as you can before the whistle blows. Feeling adventurous? Ask us about adding 
 real bugs to your bowls! 

Coconut Canyon 
Fire in the hole! Create makeshift launchers and fire coconuts as far as possible over the tangled jungle shrubs. Are you masters of munitions, or talentless with a trebuchet?  

Sticky Stars 
Face five bowls full of seriously sticky stuff. Think treacle, feathers and rice crispies. That’s just for starters. Can you find the star in each bowl before the whistle blows? 

The Spider’s Web 
Don’t get tangled… You’ll need all your communication skills to guide team members through the spider’s web! Touch the web and it’s back to the beginning. 

What’s in the Box? 
Go on - put your hand in and find out! This team building challenge is all about facing fears. As well as a creepy surprise, there’s a star in each of the four boxes on display. Can you take one for the team and collect the lot? 

Raft Challenge 
In the swamp, no-one can hear you scream! 

Can you get the whole team to safety, using only basic materials and ancient Egyptian raft-building technology? You’ll need to knock up some swamp skis as well, if you’re going to get to dry land in time… 

Wall of Doom 
What’s in the hole? Some contain precious stars. Others contain stars and, well, something else… Dare you face our wall of hidden points and not-so-nice surprises?  

Jungle Plumber 
Fresh water is a necessity for jungle survival. Can you plumb in a fully working pipe network before thirst overtakes your team? With differently-shaped pipes to fit together and spinning lily pads to avoid, it’s not as easy as it sounds.  

The Dark Side 
Do you trust your senses and your team mates?  
Take a deep breath and walk blindfolded through a maze of jungle creepy crawlies, collecting stars along the way. Listen closely to the  instructions of your team mates if you want to avoid touching the nasties

Safari Seesaw 
The weight of survival is precariously balanced… 
Shift it in your favour using a jungle crane and a delicately calibrated seesaw! 
The crane is controlled not by one person but the whole team. Correctly identify the right weights in the right sequence to ensure neither end of the seesaw touches the jungle floor. Get it wrong and jungle nasties will infest your camp tucker. 

Up To Your Neck In 
Wearing a dog collar and blindfold, can you work out what skittering surprises may be touching your neck or scampering under your clothes? 


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