CSI Crime Scene Experience


CSI – Crime Scene Experience – 5 – 250 people - 2.5hrs

A crime scene is set up; grisly or otherwise! Guests are divided into CSI Teams (Appropriate team names are encouraged!)

Each team has their own “Briefing File”, this contains everything they need to know about the investigation.  Teams are also given a forensic pack; they also receive full CSI Kit. The full CSI Kits comprise of a fun one piece white body suits, masks and gloves.

After kitting up it is time for the investigation to commence! Your task is to investigate the crime and use forensics to prove the following;

  • What is the motive?
  • How was the person murdered?
  • What was the murder weapon

Not only is this a fully immersive experience, it’s a chance to learn some very cool skills including finger print dusting, hair & fibre analysis, blood splatter investigation and even creating suspect digital e-fit images.

Guiding you through this amazing team building activity will be our experts trained by former Scotland Yard detectives & other forensic professionals.

For more information or to book email corporate.sales@whittlebury.com or call 01327 850490