Crystal Quest

Crystal Quest

Experience the cult TV classic for yourself! Our version of the ground-breaking game show has all the quirky features that made the original a rip-roaring success. Teams crack cryptic clues and conquer mental and physical challenges in fantastically themed zones to win crystals. More crystals means more time in the dome during the grand finale. Once inside, it's a fast and furious scramble to grab fistfuls of golden tickets before the final whistle blows.

What's Involved?

Crystal Quest is team building at its most imaginative and engaging. Dive into a world of crystals, themed zones, challenges, domes and golden tickets. Your mission is to make it through all four zones of the maze, conquering mental and physical challenges to earn crystals. Each one will buy precious seconds inside the crystal dome, where you'll race against the clock to grab as many golden tickets as you can. Watch out for the silver ones! These are bad news and knock time off your final score.

We've added inter-zone activities to spice things up and keep teams on their toes.

Main zones may include:

Aztec Zone

The Futuristic Zone 

Ocean Zone

Medieval Zone


•Communication, interaction and collaboration

•Problem solving

•Lateral thinking

•Time management

•Leadership and delegation

•Encouraging competition


*Terms and conditions apply, based on 20 people.