Whittlebury Through the Lens

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Here at Whittlebury we understand what amazing surroundings we are set in and we would like to call on you to help us capture the spirit of Whittlebury through the lens.

So, whether you are a professional photographer, an amateur with a new DSLR, or just someone who likes capturing images on your phone then we would love you to capture would you think is beautiful here at Whittlebury.

What makes Whittlebury for you?

We have 6 categories to enter your images…

Buildings (internal and external) Our hotel building, our stunning orangery, the golf clubhouse, the Silverstone bar full of memorabilia or the spa. There are plenty of buildings and rooms to explore with the camera.

Land and surrounding estate We have 700 acres of stunning parkland and with that some amazing landscapes that make the perfect photo from sunrise to sunset. Within the land we have Oak trees which are over a thousand years old and lakes and streams too stunning not to be captured.

People A picture speaks a thousand words and so can the expressions that we use, from that first smile to the laughter and fun to capture the moment. It could be staff or colleagues here at Whittlebury that are pictured for our walls.

Wildlife From the tiniest insect to a roaming stag our estate is full of wildlife wonders waiting to be the winning snapshot.

Activities/eventsYou could be here for a wedding, Christening, hen night or business event, we have so much to capture with our events here at Whittlebury that you will be spoilt for choice.

Food/drink Food has to be one of the most photographed topics as everyone loves to see a culinary delight with all the colours and textures that can be portrayed in a photo and shared, so we would love to showcase some of our amazing food offerings on the wall.

The competition will run every month until March 2020 where a winner will be picked each month, from 1 highly commended entry picked from each category. At the end of the 12 months we will be showcasing some of the most amazing images we have received throughout the year and will exhibit these to the public and an overall winner from our winning 12 photographs will be selected to be our Whittlebury Through The Lens winner.

We are delighted to have Dan Davies from Two-D Photograghy judging our competition. Dan is a local photographer based in Bedfordshire and has over 20 years experience in the industry, he has the perfect judging eye to choose our winners.

The competition monthly winner prize

  • Their photo printed, framed and displayed here at Whittlebury within the hotel

  • A printed copy of their winning photo

  • An overnight stay with dinner for the winner and their guest, plus a bottle of Prosecco to celebrate with

  • £100 Photography voucher with Two-D Creative

  • Entry into annual competition to win £1000 Whittlebury Park gift card and a photoshoot with Two-D Creative


February Winner - Charles Binns

Dan at two-D Photography is our judge and gave the following comment...

“Love this image, it’s so haunting and yet a great testament to fine art all at the same time! The tones are slightly different to a standard black and white, and the fog really adds a great atmosphere. I love how centred the tree is - symmetry is always a big yes for me! The sun light central behind the tree shows timing was perfect. All in all a fantastic image!"


January Winner - Kara Deon

Dan at two-D Photography is our judge and gave the following comment...

"This is the first image we have had of the front of the main building at Whittlebury in all it’s glory! A nice exposure and angle to show off the lines in building, but also highlight the detail of the sky. Orange and blue are opposite colours on the colour spectrum, so as these two make up a huge percentage of the image between them. I think the contrast is really nice!"

December Winner - Colin Beck

Dan at two-D Photography is our judge and gave the following comment...

"A lovely nature on a frosty day, with a lovely contrast of the sun pouring in from the back. Show of the natural space at Whittlebury really well, and colours are lovely!"


November Winner - Arti Mistry

Dan at two-D Photography is our judge and gave the following comment...

"Lovely cold tones and have captured the time of year perfectly. All about timing here grabbing the moment where the sun is behind the cloud so drawing attention to the scene rather than the breaks of light and flare that were no doubt moments away. I feel cold just looking at this!"



October Winner - Mateusz Horowski

Dan at two-D Photography is our judge and gave the following comment...

“I like the warm colours in this image and the lovely pink sky. The gradient across the frame towards the building really draws you in”


September Winner - Scott Gregory

Dan at two-D Photography is our judge and gave the following comment...

“Lovely contrast between the sky and the foreground on this one. The reflection of the sunset in car continues the warmth across the entire image, this image has been chosen for its stylish usage of filtering using just a camera phone"


August Winner - Matthew Underwood

Dan at two-D Photography is our judge and gave the following comment...

“This is the winner! It’s an incredible image, a fantastic moment captured and basically speaks for its self! The photographer should be very proud of this, and I’d be surprised if they didn’t have it framed and on the wall already at home! I would be chuffed to bits with this capture - the grade is nice, the image is sharp - and the deer is looking right at us. No other accolades needed, it speaks for itself. I think David Attenborough would be pleased with this one! Well done”


July Winner - Alex Edwardes

Dan at two-D Photography is our judge and gave the following comment...
“The gradient is lovely in this image, making the contents in the bottom not quite a silhouette! You can just make out the racing flag, a nod towards Whittlebury's love of all things motor-racing. Giving your image a certain amount of mystery, always help draw in the wandering eye”


June Winner - Susana Oliveira

Dan at two-D Photography is our judge and gave the following comment...
“The colours of the image are striking, a great representation of the vibrancy of Whittlebury with all the colours of the season. It looks like an idyllic and tranquil scene. The exposure is also spot on - facing into the sun if this was overexposed at all there would be much less data in the image and some of the highlights would be blown out, but because of the great exposure we can see all the trees in the background. A really good capture!”


May Winner - Cláudio Marques Ferreira

Dan at two-D Photography is our judge and gave the following comment...
'A very different way to show off the putting area, and some nice post production work to really bring out the clouds. Its lovely to show off the greenery of Whittlebury’s surrounding trees and nature too. The shadows have been brought out well here in post production - as the sun is glaring straight at us, a lot of the foreground would have been in shadow so some nice post work to execute an image that looks very different than what’ you’d see with the naked eye'



April Winner - Katarzyna Witkowska

Katarzyna entered a stunning image taken across our car park here at Whittlebury, Dan Davies our judge said...

'The use of the rule of thirds and the framing is really, good, with the recognisable lampposts of Whittlebury! The exposure is perfect as well, showing the lamps AND the texture and colours of the sky'


Whittlebury through the lens T&Cs

  • Each person can enter a maximum of 1 photo per category per month
  • The photo must be a maximum of 300 dpi or 3mb max in file size to upload (please keep any original files of the photo should you win and we need a hires version)
  • Whittlebury Park reserve the right to use any photo submitted to the competition for its own use either on their website, social channels or printed material.
  • Whittlebury Park reserves the right to select a winner from previous months at their discretion.
  • All photos submitted for the Through the lens competition must have been taken since 1st January 2019 and time stamps to support maybe requested. 
  • All winners will be notified by email or phone number supplied in the first week of the month following the close of the previous month ie April winner will be notified on or before 7th May. The Annual winner will be notified by 14th April 2020.