April challenge - your questions answered


What are outdoor automatically tracked calories?
The Leisure Club is closed until at least 1st May so we have changed our competition rules to include automatically tracked outdoor activity with either GPS apps or the Mywellness app outdoor activity tracking. This means that any physical activity done in April can be tracked through the competition.
How can I enter the competition?
Open the mywellness app now or log into your online mywellness account and enter the competition. The competition is free of charge to enter.
What apps and devices can be used?
A whole host of apps and devices can be linked to your mywellness app or you will find the Mywellness outdoor activity tracker on the homepage of the app.
Apps and devices you can connect to your account;

Apple Health
How do I connect my apps or devices to my wellness accout?
Open the mywellness app now and go to the home page. You will see an option to connect apps and devices.
Choose the app or device you would like to connect and press the connect button.
The app or device will then ask you for your username and password for that account.
That’s it, they are connected! When you use that particular app or device the data should then be pulled onto your mywellness account shortly after finishing the activity.
What if I do not have any of the above devices?
Good news, if you don’t have any of the above devices the mywellness app offers a built in outdoor activity tracker, you will find it on the home page of the app under the class timetable.
Am i competing against other members and where can I track my progress?
Essentially you are not competing against other members. You can view your ranking on the live leaderboard throughout April. If you reach 30,000 calories on the leaderboard you will earn two guest passes for when The Leisure Club re-opens. You will also be able to see how well you are doing against other members.
When will I receive my prize if I earn one?
Prizes or prize details will be sent within 3 weeks of the competition ending.
anyone who achieves 30,000 calories or more will receive a Heat and Ice Experience pass for when we reopen