Live Stream Top Tips

The ‘Top Ten Tips’ for live stream classes

  1. The live stream will open 10 minutes before the class begins so please press the ‘join now’ button in good time.

  2. We encourage you to participate with your camera switched on as it helps the instructor to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly.

  3. You will have the option to send a link for the class to your laptop or tablet so you can participate on a larger screen (please follow the instructions once you have pressed the ‘join now’ button to receive this link) or view our video tutorial here

  4. At the start of the class the instructor will mute all participants so that everyone can hear the instructor.

  5. Please have any equipment ready to use for the session time. This may include mats, towels and any light free weights.  We understand that not all members have equipment at home so please don’t worry as our instructors will always give alternative exercises when required.

  6. Should you lose the stream during the class a ‘re-join’ option should appear.

  7. Please be aware that we will be working on improving any sound, lighting or visual issues that may occur.

  8. We welcome your feedback. The instructor will be available on the live stream for five minutes once the class has finished to answer any questions or queries.

  9. Should you be unable to share feedback on the live stream please email, we would be happy to hear from you.

  10. Please remember to stay hydrated and only participate within your own capabilities.