Camping 2021 Guidelines

Whilst Silverstone Circuits have been given the full green light as part of the Government's ERP which is fantastic news, please note that similar to the other local campsites Whittlebury Park whilst open and ready to welcome you, will have to operate with some restrictions in place but we are certain that it won’t change your experience. We do have a few points to highlight at this time…

  • It is critical that you do not arrive prior to 2pm on Tuesday otherwise you run the risk of being turned away until we are officially open and ready.
  • On arrival at the campsite please remain in your car and we will come to you to check you in. Please could you wear a face covering when speaking to the check-in team.
  • The increased measures that are being implemented to make our team and our guests even safer at these times mean that longer than normal delays may be experienced when checking in, so be patient and bear with us.
  • We will be introducing a no-glass policy in 2022, so where possible please reduce down the amount of glass that you bring in this year and if you can replace with plastic or cardboard, please do so as it will help our teams with the clear up programme and get you ready for next year.
  • Whilst visiting us at Whittlebury Park please do remember the Government's campaign of Hands-Face-Space, and remember to bring and use sanitiser and face masks when and where appropriate to keep you, your family, your friends and our team safe and healthy.
  • In order to ensure social distancing between adjacent plots, please ensure that tent entrances are not pitched directly next to the tent entrance of your neighbouring groups on both sides, and that vehicles and tents are alternated along the rows. 
  • 2m social distancing must be maintained at all times.  Where 2m distancing cannot be achieved a face covering must be worn.
  • Face coverings must be worn in all indoor facilities and outdoor structures including toilets, showers and the Beer Tent. 
  • Face coverings must also be worn in outdoor queues if you are less than 2m apart.
  • There will be sanitiser stations across the site; please use them as much as possible, especially before entering toilets/showers and buildings.
  • There will be food and drink vendors on site.  You may queue whilst being socially distanced but all food and drink must be consumed seated at a table or on a patch of grass.
  • All food and drink must be consumed seated, and you must not mix in groups of more than 6 indoors or 30 outdoors.
  • We have had further clarification from the local authorities that campers will have to be seated at all times when eating and drinking on site (unless in their own tent/plot). We do have a lot of seating available for our campers to use, but we are advising you to bring camping chairs and/or picnic blanket with you when visiting the various food & drink outlets to help us comply with the rules
  • Some of our outlets will be table service only.  If this is the case, please be patient and we will serve you as quickly as possible.
  • We are one of the only campsites that is providing entertainment and a beer tent this year.  The music will be noticeably quieter (due to the regulations). When moving around our entertainment areas, masks must be worn at all times. 
  • Enjoy our fantastic bands, but please remember that sadly there can be no dancing or singing as per government guidelines.
  • We will be operating some unique processes to ensure that we do not go over capacity in our toilets and showers.  Please make yourself familiar with the system when you first go to use the facilities.
  • If anyone starts to develop coronavirus symptoms or feel unwell during your stay, or are advised to self-isolate, please immediately return to your accommodation and call the 24 hour campsite marshall.
  • Please take a LTF (lateral flow test) within 48 hours of arrival at the campsite, this is a requirement for entrance into the circuit and we are requesting the same.  You may be asked to provide proof of the LTF or a double vaccination upon check-in at the campsite.  If you are arriving at the campsite more that 48hours before you are going into the circuit, please be aware that you may need to take an additional test during your stay (so please bring some spare tests with you).
  • We are here to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time, so please don’t be offended if we ask you to follow the stage 3 rules set out by the government and enforced by our team.
  • We are genuinely excited to welcome you back to Whittlebury Park for the 2021 Formula 1 Pirelli British Grand Prix and wish you a fun and enjoyable time whilst visiting us.