Spa Therapist (Full Time)

The position of the Spa Therapist is there to provide a service of excellence and high quality to all clients and guests visiting the spa on a day to day basis.
  • All treatments administered will be of  the highest standard and delivered with the utmost professionalism, Adherence to treatment timings and training guidelines is essential.
  • Personal appearance is to be immaculate and professional at all times – you are expected to always have a clean company uniform, clean, neat hair is to be tied back in a hair bun, dark coloured closed shoes must be worn, nails must be short, clean and unpolished., make-up should be appropriate to the beauty environment, Other than small stud earrings, jewellery is not allowed, this rule also applies to other body piercings and tattoos.  Attention to personal hygiene is essential.
  • A Fob watch is to be worn on the left hand side of the uniform with the name badge worn above.
  • Therapists are expected to be ready for work at least ten minutes before the shift is due to start.
  • Assistance is required in keeping a high standard of cleanliness and professionalism at all times throughout the  treatment rooms  and  within all other areas of the Spa
  • Therapists are required to attend all departmental staff meetings, participate in team building exercises and training as and when required (unless on pre-authorised annual leave).
  • As a contracted member of the team all Therapists are to be qualified in Elemis Face and Body, Espa Essentials, Espa Hot Stones, Elemis Exotics, Elemis Mum to be, Espa Hip and thigh, ESPA Pre-natal, Clarins Facials, Clarins Massage, Jessica Manicure, Jessica Pedicure, Jessica Gels, Lash extensions, High Brow and all in house training.  The Company will agree to invest in these courses and you will be required to sign a training agreement.
  • Professional conduct, both inside and outside of work is expected at all time.   An enthusiastic - and motivated attitude is expected when dealing with clients, guests and colleagues.
  • Social networking is not permitted and making comments about the guests, Hotel, colleagues, or the Spa is not allowed and may result in formal action.
  • Communication with an Executive Spa Therapist is essential should you experience any questions, concerns or issues relating to your employment.
  • Confidentiality with regards to work issues such as salary, working requirements and other related work subjects is mandatory.  Therapists are not allowed to discuss such matters with clients, guests or colleagues.
  • All repair and maintenance issues must be reported promptly to an Executive Spa Therapist.
  • Inability to attend work due to sickness must be addressed in line with company procedure, as per your company handbook.  All absence must be reported personally and within three hours of a scheduled shift.
  • Adherence to all regulations in respect of Health, Safety, Fire and Emergency procedures is mandatory.
  • Therapists are expected to be fully knowledgeable regarding all the products offered in the Spa.  Retail sales and up selling to clients and guests on a daily basis.
  • Therapists are expected to retail in all treatments that they carry out as this is part of the treatment for the guest, in conjunction with this all therapists should be working towards there retail target that is set by their executive therapist.
  • Therapists are required to undertake all other reasonable requests from the Spa Management team and to carry out any additional work necessary to make the Spa a success, within the remit and level of responsibilities for their role.
  • Follow company SOP’S in all treatments
  • I agree to be flexible with the amount of hours and days I work due in accordance with the ever changing needs of the business.

Full Time

  • I understand I am expected to work 160 hours over 4 weeks and 5 days over 7.  The Company cannot guarantee which days off will be given as it will depend upon the needs of the business, this can be changed at any time.
  • Within the busy periods we ask all therapists to work extra shifts which will either be overtime or time back in lieu.

Qualifications (Essential)

  • NVQ Level two and three
  • BTEC
  • NVQ Level two and a massage course
  • Qualification in Massage

Qualifications (Desirable)

  • Training in Elemis, Espa or Clarins
  • Training in Jessica
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Reflexology


  • Experience working with clients either in college or in the industry (Essential)
  • 1 year experience working within the beauty industry (Desirable)


  • Positive attitude
  • Willingness
  • Being open to new ideas
  • Good time keeping
  • Wanting to learn

To apply, please email us at with your CV and covering letter or application form, which you can download here. If you would like further information on this position, please call us on 01327 850 448.