Mindset for well-being

With special guest speaker Lisa Davies

Join Lisa Victoria for part 2 of the ‘Let’s Talk Wellness’ event at Whittlebury Park on Tuesday 2nd July 2019. Lisa is an experienced, passionate, inspiring and caring health coach who loves to see people thrive and create the change they desire.
She first discovered her passion for understanding and helping people when she was in her first year at University. Her friend was studying towards a Psychology degree and she was studying International Business. She secretly wished she could be like her friend but she didn’t have the confidence to follow her dream. 
Her negative voice wouldn’t let her change courses. It said things like ‘you’ll let your parents’ down/it’s a waste of a year (time and money)/ you’ll be a failure if you quit and changed directions/what will people think?’.

Through 16 years of research, learning and experience, she now no longer values the negative voice, she now chooses the life she wants to live. She learned that it had prevented her from living her best life for so long. 
She has also learned that, after self-healing her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the brain is also very much connected to our bodies and that what we eat can affect what we think and feel, as much as what we think and feel can affect what we do or don’t do. She specialises in shifting people’s mind-sets and removing blocks as well as holistic health coaching, looking at every aspect of health from sleep, exercise, nutrition, relaxation and renewal and avoiding toxins.
She has packaged 16 years’ worth of self-development and learning into simple workshops and programs that she now shares on both a 1-1 basis with Private Clients as well as delivering standard and bespoke programs for Corporate Clients to maximise both the potential of the individual and the company. 
By attending this event, you can expect to understand more about how to:

Benefits to Private Clients:

Feel more energised

Respond better to daily challenges

Increase your confidence

Reduce stress and depression

Increase your contentment

Increase your health

Benefits to Corporate Clients:

Energise your team

Reduce sickness absence

Increase Productivity & Pro-activeness

Maximise Potential

Develop your Corporate Social Responsibility

Develop your wellness agenda



9-9:30am Arrival and registration

Breakfast refreshments on arrival along with networking – smoked salmon frittata and mushroom frittata, berries and natural yoghurt, tea & coffee, water

9:30am Welcome speech and Introduction of Corporate Sales Team

9.45am – 11.15am Workshop sessions 

 Drinks available throughout –   (tea, coffee, fruit infused water, pick and mix berries selection)

  • 1:1 surgery opportunities & group tours / show rounds of facilities (optional) 11.15am – 11.45am

11:45am Close and gift bag on departure


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