Whittlebury Hall Membership Team will help you find your health and exercise trigger…

Take more time for yourself, make time to exercise, this year I am going to get fit, this year I am going to lose weight…admit it, you have promised yourself something to achieve for your own wellbeing haven’t you? How is that going?  Is it as important now almost half way through the year as when you decided to do it when partying over the 2017 Christmas period? 

Let’s look at the goal a little more in depth, why are you looking to get fit?  Is it because you feel sluggish sat behind a desk all day?  Why do you want to lose weight?  Is it because you’re going on holiday and you’re fed-up of sucking in your belly? Or, is it more serious, has your Doctor said you must exercise as your body now depends on it?  Perhaps you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, MS, obesity or other health related issues.  Then there are the classics, giving up smoking, but, I ask again, why do you want to give up smoking…the general answer is ‘because it will be better for my health’, that is the smoke screen answer (excuse the pun!)  but not the underlying issue. 

The underlying issue could be a whole range of answers, family (you want to be around to see them grow up, your now out of breathe walking around the shops which was never the case this time last year or you may have a friend or loved one who suddenly had poor health catch up with them due to smoking .

You may think I am leading up to make a point, and I am.  However, slow down, this is blog 1 of 4, you didn’t think I would try to make a point in the first blog did you?  Well, yes and no, let me ask you a few more questions first…when was the last time you achieved a health related goal, how did it go, how hard did you have to work to achieve it?  What have been the reasons for not continuing?  How did you feel once you stopped?  If you could get back to how you felt when you felt your fittest or healthiest how would you feel, what would that look like?

Where is the relevance in all of the above? Well from the point of a membership enquiry to that prospect joining, the terms ‘sell on emotion’, ‘trigger’ and ‘slow is fast’ in handling the enquiry is key and, proudly, what may set us apart from other health clubs.

Yes, we have a fantastic product at Whittlebury Hall Leisure Club, which helps in the process, a fantastic gym, over 50 classes, 19 meter pool, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi.  Prospects may decide to go all in and join us on a golf, leisure and spa membership.  These additions are great for the membership but in blog number 1 the point is how do we look after the prospect and assist them on a potentially nervous, scary, new, unfamiliar journey.

I ask you again, what is your underlying trigger to make you think to ‘go to the gym’ or get some ‘rest and relaxation time’, then think a little bit more and then ask yourself a few times, why, why, why?

Have you got an answer?  Maybe you haven’t, rest assured, blog 2 is coming and will help you take the baby step or even the giant step to understanding that the Membership team help use your trigger to motivate, goal set and retain your business as we start your fitness journey from the ground up…